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7 Tips for Buying a Computer this Year, Techpally advised

A computer is an essential part of the daily life of this generation, either young or old as you need a computer to connect with friends and family and to do business.

Both in office environments and at home, you need fast PCs to work or to use multimedia such as  YouTube.

When buying a computer, you should make sure that you get the right PC for yourself.

Unfortunately, computers are technical devices and therefore no longer state-of-the-art after a few years.

When the PC i used last was bought five years ago, it was still the best in its class, fast and enhanced, today it can not meet the requirements of many software programs.

Then, you an not install wahtsapp on your computer  and use. 

If you need a new PC but don’t know what to look for when choosing, you’ve come to the right place. We explain to you what is important when buying a computer.

PC or laptop

Perhaps you are still faced with the question of whether a  desktop PC  or a  laptop is better for you and your needs. 

First of all, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Do you always work in the same workplace, or sometimes in the company, sometimes in the home office, sometimes in a café? 

Do you work with very powerful programs such as CAD programs, or are you a gamer?

 Do you need very powerful graphics cards? Or are light programs like MS Office sufficient for you?

Advantages of desktop PCs

Cheaper  than laptops: prices for good PCs start at $300-400

Each time  extended as is retrofitting of graphics card or hard drives usually not a problem

Floor-standing PCs have  more power  at a better price/performance ratio and are better suited for large programs and games

Monitor, mouse, and keyboard are freely selectable and do  not necessarily have to be purchased again when changing computers

desktop PCs can be easily screwed on and  cleaned

Advantages of laptops

  • They are portable and can be taken anywhere
  • Laptops don’t necessarily need a power outlet and can run on battery  power for up to 12 hours 
  • Computer purchase
  • Notebooks are difficult to clean and upgrade. 

High-performance laptops are more expensive than desktop PCs: good standard laptops, which are suitable for word processing programs and for surfing the Internet, start at $ 400.

If you really need the laptop to work or want to watch movies on it, you shouldn’t spend less than 700$ on it.


Make sure that the PC has USB 3.0 / 3.1 and HDMI / DVI interfaces. 

This allows most devices and monitors to be connected to the computer. 

Multiple  USB interfaces are ideal so that you can connect the most common devices such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, and USB sticks in parallel.

The right Monitor

If you need a new monitor, you should make sure that the PC has the appropriate interface. 

Monitors can usually be connected to the computer via  DVI  or  HDMI. 

When choosing the right monitor,  size is important. Screens in office environments usually have a size of  22 “- 27”  (inches).

In addition, monitors differ in many factors. You should make sure that the monitor has an anti-glare coating, as non-anti-glare monitors can irritate the eyes during long periods of work. 

Other important features are brightness and response time. 

The response time should not be more than 5 milliseconds so as not to complicate the work. 

Brighter displays are better in bright environments.

There are height-adjustable monitors and monitors that can be tilted. 

Height adjustability is definitely recommended for ergonomic work. 

There are now also monitors that filter the blue light. 

Blue light is harmful in the long run, so this is another useful feature.

Operating System

Many PCs are delivered with the operating system installed. 

This is usually Microsoft  Windows 10  or 8, or Apple  OS. 

Some PCs do not have an operating system pre-installed. 

You should pay attention to this if you need one and do not want to have additional costs.

PC accessories

You also need a mouse and keyboard for a stand PC. 

Wireless keyboards and mice are practical because they only require a USB interface and there are no cables in the way. 

In theory, you don’t need a mouse for laptops if the included touchpad is sufficient.

Quality pays off when buying a Computer

Pay attention to quality! When it comes to computers, the sentence is correct.

If you buy cheap, you buy twice. Because a wrongly configured PC is quickly noticeable. 

Very cheap PCs often have good performance data, but the components used are usually cheap and show defects after a short time. Then when you have to take your computer in for repair, it becomes expensive.

We, therefore, recommend using high-quality manufacturers who use components from other well-known manufacturers.

In addition, your PC should have a  two-year guarantee (laptops usually only have a one-year guarantee). 

If you use a manufacturer from the US, you are definitely on the safe side.

Now you know the main things to look out for when buying a computer.