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Gold Business – Gold and Silver Bullion Vs World Currencies

Gold Business- Gold and Silver Bullion vs. World Currencies. If you’re an individual hooked into market spot prices of the day, hold your horses because market cash price has little or no to try to with gold and silver bullion demand, any time gold or silver bullion prices drops in price by $50 or more which is common within the industry is usually related to two events; sell-offs for profits by fund managers and speculators also as pile manipulation of the valuable metals market.

Fund managers often need liquidity when there’s little to no liquidity generated from other investments so precious metals acts as a grace, it’s also clear that in most cases many of those same managers and speculators after selling off a number of their metals holdings, they simply rotate and repurchase these metals in either short future contracts or physical metals on the dip in prices to repeat the method over and once again.

But allow us to check out much of the planet outside of Europe and therefore the US, most countries don’t devalue their precious metals supported western commodity exchange prices, as their perceived value of those metals has more cultural and symbolic importance within their culture; however this fact doesn’t diminish profiteering activities in these countries among the gold bullion dealers.

As most of those countries pay 3 times the cash price for gold bullion; even once you take into consideration the currency exchange rate; the worth point remains above the western cash price, so in essence, westerners have it good immediately.

But as we get nearer to the G7 and G20 meetings scheduled for mid 2011; we will all expect a replacement world currency order as a Holocaust to the worldwide currency imbalances plaguing much of the worlds economies.

The implementation of the new global monetary policies won’t be for the faint of heart; nor will it’s of any real benefit to the masses; however if you’re watchful and astute; begin aligning yourself with the large winners as a result of the new policy, and therefore the winners are gold and silver bullion.

Be prepared to witness huge spikes within the gold and silver bullion markets worldwide, but surprisingly other less interesting metals also will ride this wave useful when the dust settles.