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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses: An Interview with Julian Sage

The following social media advertising enterprise interview is with Julian Sage, Host of the Short Term Rental Success Stories podcast and Vacation Rental Machine podcast.

Andrew: Do you suspect that Social Media Marketing is useful for small groups? Why or why no longer?

Julian: Social media advertising and marketing have been the spine of our business. I commenced a podcast Short Term Rental Success Stories out of sheer curiosity and exuberance for Airbnb returned in March 2019. eight months later and we were able to reach the primary spot in seek on iTunes for ‘Airbnb’. You may be thinking, “What does Airbnb have to do with a small enterprise and why the heck could a podcast help?” After beginning my podcast I found out how many successful humans there were handling Airbnb’s (or Short Term Rentals as we like to call them) professionally and able to scale this into full-time or part-time businesses. Like any management enterprise even though one of the most important struggles is locating certified leads. Having commenced couple of companies within the past and failing at all of them it in no way virtually clicked for me until I related my ardor for podcasting and my interest in Airbnb. I thought, “Why now not start my very own management corporation?”, and that’s when it clicked. I created a website, a digital shape, and a link to book a time on my calendar. I commenced making episodes bringing up our management corporation and that is when the calls started out trickling in. But I quickly saw that the extra exposure the podcast had, the extra calls started rolling in. Is podcasting the give up all, be all? No. We have those who discover us from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Meetups, referrals and extra. We plan on increasing our reach thru different kinds because now not anyone is social media savvy, but I can without a doubt say that podcasting has modified my life and in case you do want that fuel to jump-start your business, commencing the use of a few forms of social media and mastering it is able to pay off.

Andrew: Excellent tale Julian! You have made powerful use of more than one channel to unfold your content and it has allowed you to seize the eye of audiences on their desired platforms. I originally determined your content to your YouTube channel however I show up to also listen to podcasts on iTunes and experience undertaking your Facebook organization. This multi-channel approach also makes it more likely your content to reach your followers and promotes more engagement which is aligned with my authentic Symmetrical digital advertising strategy. Have you observed any noteworthy traits in social media marketing in the latest years because it pertains to commercial enterprise and what are they?

Julian: Social media from what I’ve visible ebs and flow to distinct platforms. For some time it becomes all approximately Facebook, then Twitter, now podcasting is choosing up steam. But every commercial enterprise can utilize some platform! Just select one and stick with it, when you are comfortable try to re-reason content on exceptional platform.

Andrew: Choosing a platform, developing a strong objective-based total strategy, executing and then increasing strategically is precisely what small groups have been seeking to do. What is your favored factor in digital advertising?
Julian: Creativity, attain, and the capacity to have actual connections with human beings.

Andrew: What is your favorite social network for enterprise or private use?

Julian: I really enjoy Facebook corporations. It’s high-quality for business and personal use. In my Facebook organization, It’s like being apart of a large family. You create the policies in your group like, “no self-promoting”, “no complaining or negativity”, “treat each other like family”. All of the content material is applicable to what I revel in (Airbnb) and the human beings I see each day inside the group are generally like-minded.

Andrew: Do you have got any advice on how small businesses can higher leverage social media?

Julian: Find out what you revel in doing. I hate Twitter. Never used it, by no means appreciated it. I locate myself more drawn to YouTube and Facebook corporations because of the closeness you experience your community. But in case you are more drawn towards a selected social media platform and can determine out a manner to attain your customers move for it. Maybe you’re a car mechanic and that means creating a nearby Facebook institution for automobile lovers in which you can capture their emails upon entry in exchange for giving them statistics about the trendy and best automobile stuff. Maybe you are an actual estate agent and you create a YouTube channel in your unique city/town where you highlight a laugh activity for people who are searching the area. You have the limitless ability and if you aren’t using social media and your still now not developing your commercial enterprise then I’d start giving it a shot.

A Special way to Julian Sage for the interview!

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