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The Fundamentals Of Planning Your Business Travel Like An Expert


A well-defined travel policy is a crucial (and cost-effective) manner of effective business travel management. A specified travel policy should outline clearly stipulated guidelines for all employees with regards to responsibilities and while traveling; travel arrangements and travel expenses.

There are a numerous factors to think about when compiling a travel policy for your company.

Although cost-effectiveness is a crucial requirement, it’s vital that you simply don’t jeopardies the security and quality of travel service, also as a compromise on traveling employees’ travel needs. Offer a little sort of options that allow employees to pick one that suits them the simplest. you’ll avoid unnecessary compromise even further by letting employees offer their thoughts and/ opinions during the decision-making process.

Always make sure that you usually have your employees’ up-to-date contact details available, just in case of emergencies.

Responsibility regarding expenses – personal, business, leisure, etc. – should be clearly and precisely began.


Travel planning has undoubtedly been revolutionized by the increase in online booking apps. the difficulty with the rise in availability of such tools is selecting which one to use for your business travel planning.

A great option is to possess a ‘personalized’ online booking tool that has been custom made consistent with your business’ particular travel policies and wishes.

Although having your own travel tech has its advantages – like having the ability to extend efficiency with inbuilt approval processes and managing your travel at any time – there are a couple of disadvantages that ought to be noted. The initial designing and assembly, also because the continued administration, of a custom online booking tool, is often rather steep. Another drawback is that each one of the research necessary is going to be your responsibility. It begs the question of whether the convenience is well worth the required effort and price.

A terrific option is to form the use of a travel management company (TMC). Working with a TMC means to acquire an experienced travel management asset that’s a faithful travel manager. A travel manager can assist you in making the simplest travel decisions, support your unique business requirements. Further benefits include help with a mess of other details, like VISA applications; arranging ground transport; arranging Forex, and taking care of travel emergencies.

The smart choice would be to use a mixture of the 2 . the benefits of TMCs are clear and that they often have a web booking tool that companies can use. this manner you get better of both – the convenience and control of managing your travel bookings yourself, also because the individual support and assistance with more complicated and/ or time-consuming processes.


Although business travel is an important and probable a part of most businesses, is doesn’t come without risks. a corporation features a duty of care to its employees. this suggests it’s a legal (and moral) obligation to elude risk of injury to an employee during a business trip, the maximum amount as possible.

The onus is on you (the travel planner) to make sure that each one the right safety plans and measures are in situ. this suggests assigning sufficient travel insurance, which incorporates medical cover, lost luggage, flight cancellations, also as natural disasters and terrorism and everything in between.

Employees must be told of the associated risks of their destinations, before traveling, and wish to be told of the course of action to follow just in case there’s a travel emergency.

It is vital to always know where your companies traveling employees without exception. there’s a mess of apps and online tools that you simply can use to assist keep track of and stay in-tuned together with your travelers.


You can save more once you plan ahead when it involves making travel arrangements. Research has proven that business travelers who only book their flights each day beforehand – can find yourself paying the maximum amount as 200% more for his or her flights.

In contrast – airfares are generally the most cost-effective from three weeks and more before the departure date. Employing a complicated purchase strategy, you’ll reduce or moderate the influence of price fluctuations on your company’s travel budget. Although it isn’t always possible to book thus far beforehand as meetings and schedules are sometimes changed at the last minute), it’s definitely well worth the effort within the future.


Travel planning isn’t a simple task-it is quite just coordinating itineraries. The responsibilities of a travel manager range from bookings, policy management, budget approvals, reporting, and handling travel emergencies. Then there’s the time-consuming task of finding the foremost affordable flights, ground transport, accommodation, etc.