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5 Ways to Use Facebook for Business – How Facebook Helps Your Business Be More Social

Facebook is undoubtedly the amount one Social Media website. With many many members and growing fast, if Facebook isn’t a part of your business’s online marketing strategy you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity.

So what makes Facebook so good?

From a business perspective, Facebook ticks all the boxes. Firstly it is a Social Media website where people prefer to ‘hang out’ and more importantly, ‘need’ to hold out if they’re to stay up with their friends and colleagues.

The advantage of this is often that users WANT to be there, it isn’t just cool, it is a genuine online environment to share and receive things of interest, not just from friends but products, services and makes they’re curious about.

Facebook is an up-to-the-minute Social site, what other medium provides this level of your time relevancy? Twitter comes close but it’s just not as personal. People want their friends and colleague’s updates, not necessarily the newest celebrity breakup news.

Secondly, it’s visually appealing. the planning, colors, layout, and content on FB appeal to ‘most’ people. it isn’t a ‘sales’ environment, although there are many avenues for a business to market and sell their products and services. People hate being sold to. They like to buy, they only do not like being sold to.

Facebook is great due to the various visual benefits listed above. It sets your business up for prime sales opportunities without being in their face about it.

That’s why Facebook is probably the foremost powerful marketing platform available today.

Facebook Business Page

In addition to a Facebook ‘profile’ which is for private use, Facebook also offers FB ‘Pages’ for businesses to market themselves.

Think of it sort of a mini-website within Facebook that permits you to attach with prospects and customers. There are many elements to maximizing your Facebook Page for business and this may be the main target of this text …

5 Ways to Use Facebook for Business… How Facebook Helps Your Business be More Social…

1. The likes of button –

At the highest of a FB Business Page may be a ‘LIKE’ button. When users click the likes of a button, from then on they’re going to receive the ‘updates’ or ‘posts’ from that specific Facebook Page’s ‘Wall’. The Wall is the epicenter for engaging with ‘fans’ on a Facebook Page.

Once a user clicks the likes of a button, any updates from that business’s Page will appear within the users ‘News Feed’, which is that the first page the user sees once they log into their Facebook account.

As a business tool, the likes of a button helps you build your ‘list’ of fans that you simply can communicate with via your posts on your Wall.

2. The Wall –

There are three 3 default menu items on a Facebook Page. they’re ‘Wall’, ‘Info’, and ‘Photos’. The Wall is where your ‘conversations’ together with your fans occur. you’ll post updates about your business, products, services, news, items of interest, anything you’ll think of!

Fans that read your post can then click ‘like’ in response to what you’ve written and should prefer to ‘comment’, sharing their thoughts and opinion in reference to your post.

This is where you’ll really connect with prospects and customers to get conversations that help to create trust, credibility, and expand your relationship together with your fans.

3. Sharing – 

Once you post on your Wall fans even have the choice to ‘share’ the post, meaning that they will tell their friends about the post which exposes further opportunities for brand spanking new fans. this is often where Social Media becomes ‘viral’. If you consistently create posts that are shared, you’ll attract quite a number of latest fans at zero cost to you.

The trigger to the sharing process is in fact to post something to your Wall that’s interesting or perhaps funny enough for fans to require to share it.

One of the simplest ways to trigger this is often to ask people to share your post. just by asking, your fans will likely share your post, which becomes a post on their personal profile Wall, which their friends can see and either ‘like’, ‘comment’, or ‘share’.

4. Network –

As a business, it is vital to always network with other businesses to make a relationship and maybe a referral program that’s interdependent.

One way to network with other businesses on FB is to go to other businesses’ Facebook Pages, click the ‘like’ button, then post a comment or something of interest on their Wall. this may initiate the potential for a relationship if it’s done correctly.

An additional avenue is to ‘tag’ the business’ Facebook Page on your Wall, as to how to market their Page to your fans. People naturally want to reciprocate positive gestures and therefore the other business may prefer to do an equivalent on their Wall in order that their fans see a link to your Facebook Page and may click through and ‘like’ your Facebook Page. Now you’ve got more fans just by networking with other businesses on Facebook.

5. Custom Facebook Page – 

Additionally to the three default menu items you furthermore may have the choice to put in a ‘customized’ page within your FB Page. this may create a further menu item, which you’ll call whatever you would like.

This exposes your marketing opportunities just by the very fact you’ll place whatever content you would like on your custom Facebook Page. this might include links to your website, videos, testimonials, competitions, etc.

In addition to those five ways to use Facebook for the business you’ll also add your Facebook information to your website by installing an application to display your Wall posts and therefore the ‘like’ button which allows people to hitch in by ‘liking’ your Facebook Page and maybe commenting… all from your own website.