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High Risk Merchant Account in Singapore

High Risk Merchant Account in Singapore- If we go through the recent reports, we will come to know that the eCommerce industry in Singapore rapidly growing. With the emphasis from the Singapore government to transform the country into an international merchant account customer-centric hub, Singapore has now become the second-best place to do business owing to its progressive IT infrastructure. Online shopping is rapidly catching up with online sales going up in 2015 up to SGD 4.4 billion.

Because of the hi-tech life functionality, banks and payment gateway companies are setting up an account to ease the process of payment for retailers. However, this easy-looking process becomes hectic when the business you are dealing with is high-risk merchant account.

Often, opening up a High-Risk Merchant Account demands a lot of time Worry not!!!  At Paycly’s we make the process of opening up a High-Risk Merchant account in Singapore is easy and convenient. We offer a reliable and secure Merchant Account in Singapore for your high-risk business and offer you a customizable solution for your payment needs.

As a high-risk merchant, why do you need a High-Risk Merchant Account?

high-Risk Merchant account is a type of account that is provided by banks to online businesses that possess a high credit rate or a business that has a high turnover, large volumes of sales along with an enhanced risk of fraud. Through this account, merchants can easily have a user-friendly portal to process all their transactions. Along with a secure payment gateway, we also provide:

  • Controls transactional  frauds and risks of chargebacks
  • Give a boost to your international payment gateway success rate
  • Offers highly secured transaction
  • Let you operate in multilingual page
  • Offers responsive web design
  • Simple and convenient checkout for your customers
  • Offers the option to operate in multiple currencies
  • Speedup the VIP customer by storing data securely

How to get one for yourself?

  1. Fill in the application form that is on our website and mail us your requirements.
  2. Submit all the required documents such as:
  3. 3 months recent processor statement in case if you have previously owned a payment processor
  4. Recent bank statement or credit card statement for the last 3 months
  5. Valid KYC documents such as identity proof, Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of association & Memorandum of association
  6. Once you submit all the required documents, it is forwarded to the acquiring banks.

Once all your documents are verified and approved, you can obtain a merchant account for your High-risk Business within a few days