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How Top Healthcare Brands Are Using Video Marketing For Business Growth

Irrespective of one’s financial status or long-term priorities, health is one aspect of life that most people do not want to compromise with. That is why internet users indulge in a lot more research before opting for a healthcare product or service. Their source of information is either through word-of-mouth of their peers or through the information available on the internet.

In either case, having quality videos gives a major boost to healthcare brands in terms of attracting new customers.  

Types of Videos Made by Healthcare Brands

Having established the fact that videos are an effective means of connecting with your potential customers, the next step is knowing what type of video to make. Depending on the product or service on offer, brands are choosing to make the following types of videos.

1. Patient-centric Videos

Any top healthcare brand today has some patient-centric videos on its websites. These videos aim to portray the hospitality of the organization by demonstrating how the patients are taken care of.

Ideally, your video should have multiple patients, some of whom have recovered well under your care and are now leading an active life. The video can also have some patients who have chronic illnesses and keep coming to you regularly., When a potential customer identifies with any of the patients in your video,  they are more likely to take notice of your product or service and choose you over other competitors.

2. Facility Demonstration Videos

It is important to let people know about the infrastructure of your healthcare service. Videos are an efficient way of providing viewers an insight into the cutting edge equipment, high-end interiors, and professional setup that you have. This type of video will go a long way in establishing the credibility of your brand.

3. Doctor Profile Videos

If yours is a hospital, clinic, or a medical testing center, then the doctor is your hero, and if you can have a video project g their work and accolades, it will give potential patients a one-on-one introduction to the people in charge of their health. As familiarity is often associated with reliability, this will help you attract more patients.

4. Specialty Explanatory Videos

If your brand has some super-specialty product or service to offer, make sure that your target group knows about it. Having a video dedicated to it will help your audience have a clearer picture of what it is and how they stand to benefit from it. Keep the language and tone of the video as non-technical as possible, for it not fair on your part to expect your audience to be well versed in medical terminologies.

How Brands Are Making High-Quality Videos

The fact that search engines list websites with videos higher in the search results are one of the main reason why top healthcare brands are directing their marketing efforts towards video. Luckily, you do not need expensive equipment or professional expertise to create high-quality videos. Here are some simple steps with which you can come up with videos that will help you strengthen your online presence.

1. Have an Objective For the Video

Identify the target group with whom you want to show the video and try to study their generic video engagement behavior over the internet. This will help you have a clearer picture of the purpose behind the video creation.  Pen down this purpose as having it documented will make it easier for you to stay true thought the process of video creation.

2. Work on Conceptualization

Come up with a team of people from diverse backgrounds and initiate the conceptualization and scripting of the video. Having a diverse group will make you open to new ideas. Once the script is ready, identify the type of video that fits into the narration style. Be very careful at this stage as the video will not just represent the product or service you are talking about, but also your brand at large.

3. Shoot the Video

This is perhaps the easiest stage of the video-making journey. Depending on the type of video that you are shooting, pay attention to the details. For example, a video testimonial would need more focus on the content, whereas an infrastructure promotion video would need you to concentrate on the visual appeal.

4. Edit the Video to Perfection

Editing is the most crucial stage of any video making. It is here that you add an appropriate caption, animation, etc. and make the video ready for the public eye. If you are a healthcare brand that does not have a high marketing budget, there are several high-end free video editing tools available on the internet.

While videos are an efficient way of attracting potential customers, it is important to ensure that you remain on the right side of the law. Healthcare laws vary from region to region, and you must ensure that your video does not contain content that is illegal to share.

What Healthcare Brands Are Doing to Optimise Video Reach

With the video being edited to perfection, one-third of the journey is over. You then have to focus on getting maximum people to view the same. Start by posting it on the brand’s YouTube channel and social media handles. Encourage people to share the video as much as possible to ensure maximum promotion.

As the last stage of your video marketing strategy, you need to sit back and analyze the results of your video campaign. Use quantifiable figures such as the number of clicks on the video to understand how your target audience is receiving it and the steps you can take to ensure better results in the future. You may embed the number of clicks on your healthcare website and synchronize the data from multiple sources to have a better picture of the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign.

Healthcare digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, and you will learn the finer nuances of the job only when you get to do it.  However, as challenging as it may look, digital marketing is a rewarding journey and has the capability to singlehandedly take your healthcare brand on the roller-coaster of success.