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Super Six Computer Logo Pictures by Computer Magazines for Technology Enthusiasts

Super Six Computer Logo Pictures by Computer Magazines for Technology Enthusiasts, As the world grows, so does technology. Technology has advanced such a lot that there are specific computer magazines only for technology enthusiasts. Below mentioned are few computer logo pictures by famous computer magazines that have added another level to the technological world.

1. iPhone Life:

This technological magazine is specially created for iPhone and iPad users who want to understand more about their products and services. Their business emblem consists of the iPhone monogram in simple black fonts with colorful text above and beneath the corporate name. The touch of red and blue colored text alongside blue colored soft-edged and double shaded box adds an appealing and soothing touch to the brand mark.

2. Mac Life:

Personally, this is often one of my favorite symbols. It consists of the words ‘Mac’ and ‘Life’ in straight black fonts with a blue vertical line separating them. there’s a picture of a computerized flower with four petals. The flower adds a chump to the trademark and makes it easily memorable. The words ‘create, share, enjoy’ are inscribed beneath the symbol. Overall, this design may be a complete depiction of the values, services, and technological standards that the corporate has got to offer.

3. PC World:

Their monogram consists of the corporate name in thick and straight white-colored fonts on a red background. The bold color of the symbol is eye-catching and energetic. Overall, this design is as suitable for an entertainment magazine because it is for a technological one.

4. Official Xbox:

Their brand mark may be a perfect image to represent a technological magazine that’s trendy and tech-savvy. It consists of a silver ball with a light-weight green cross over it. This image is encased during a rectangular box with the corporate name written in a light green shade. Overall this is often a picture that any techno magazine is going to be proud to adorn.


Their monogram is more playful than professional or technological but it’s perfect for the youth who are technological enthusiasts. It consists of the corporate name crafted with alternately boxed and colored letters that provides it a cool look. Overall, the image looks trendy, young, and fun-loving.

6. CPU computer power user:

Their monogram is crafted in thick and white-colored fonts that make it hard to miss. The curvy edges including straightness of the fonts add a sensitive appeal to the brand mark alongside looking professional and proficient.