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How to Brand Your Business Using Twitter

Twitter may be a social media tool and you’ll easily brand your name or your business name with it. Here I will be able to outline a couple of simple easy to follow ways during which you’ll brand your business using Twitter.

Create a Twitter Profile page for your business

This is a simple one, you attend Twitter and make a page under your business name. If your business is named SevenBranding, then have an equivalent username. If you bought name of your business, you’ll also get the Twitter username of your name . don’t add a dot com or dot net on your username unless it’s required. 

You’ll also make camel formatting with a mixture of uppercase letters like YourCompany or TopCORP etc. After you register your business Twitter page, it’s time for you to place a business bio of it.

Write a pleasant bio for your Twitter page

Write about who you’re and what you are doing. This bio will undergo everywhere online, pages, mobile devices, and apps, so make it easy enough for the opposite person to understand what you offer. Twitter allows a bio link and link back to your website or landing page. Make it a website, but no masked links.

Add an honest Twitter avatar for your Twitter page

The avatar will appear everywhere through Twitter, apps, and websites. To create an honest avatar of yourself. If you’re branding yourself, then let it’s an image of yours. If it is your business then have a logo. Make the brand appear as if a logo as bigger logos might not look right when shrunk down.

Create a square logo that will work best. Upload a much bigger avatar to urge the foremost out of your Twitter profile.

Design a custom Twitter background for your business

You can have a custom Twitter background for your profile. this manner you’ll make your profile stand out. The background also can hold a couple of details and important links. Make a background which is about 1800 pixels wide to form it look nice on bigger screens. On the left panel have 200 pixels for your business details. Put a Facebook link and website address on your Twitter background.

These were a couple of tips that will allow you to make a visible identity through Twitter. many thanks for reading and hopefully you’ll usher in more business results through Twitter.