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Qualitative Technological Leaps in Diamonds Production

In this age of technology , it’s now hard to imagine what man can do next. The technological breakthrough within the production of artificial diamonds may be a case in point. Before we discuss how technology has advanced during this area, allow us to first discuss on real diamonds created by the world . does one know that real diamonds take 1,000,000,000 years at the minimum to emerge? the simplest diamonds are literally 3,000,000,000 years old. this is often about ¾ of the age of the world . The Homo sapiens are about 130,000 years old during this planet. this suggests that the age of the human species is merely 1% the age of real diamonds. Real diamonds take a really special process of nature for it to emerge.

Do you know that the chemical composition of the diamond is CO2 ? We usually associate carbon dioxide with pollution and soot. But the sparkling diamond is formed up entirely of CO2 . For billions of years, CO2 was subjected by Earth to intense pressure (about 725,000 pounds per square inch) and intense heat (about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit). Then after billions of years, CO2 quickly emerge to the surface of the world via geological processes for quick cooling, before it can undergo a metamorphosis of sorts making it into a gorgeous and excellent diamond. Having known this, we will not deny that the diamond is basically a logo of perfection, elegance and wonder .

The Homo sapiens is additionally a product of billions of years of biological evolution. In a tremendous twist of fate, the person became co-creator-a species who can literally transform the planet through his intelligence and labour. This newcomer in biological evolution has now become the master of the world . He has developed his intelligence to such a high frequency that the human can now simulate the action of creation and may now production of artificial diamonds in only a matter of days. But the method didn’t come through overnight. It took decades of painstaking research project and experimentation before we will come up with an almost perfect replica of natural diamonds.

Technological breakthroughs came through in specific stages.

Crude Methods:

In the beginning the primary artificial diamonds were created using crude processes imitating the action of the world on CO2 . employing a high High Heat Technology, CO2 was subjected to a simulated process of gravitational pressure and intense heat using electricity. Crude because it was, this method was ready to make the primary breakthrough in commercial diamonds production. Man has conquered the billions of years of natural processes during a matter of days of technology applications. This ushered during a new age in commercial diamonds production.

Wild Experimentation:

This stage was marked by transcending crude methods of earth’s pressure simulation to return up with an astounding scientific invention with Chemical Vapour Deposition. With the assistance of microwave beams and special conditions, carbon is deposited into an ingenious diamond to make sparkling layers making the first diamond literally grow. Now artificial diamonds aren’t that artificial anymore, for at its core may be a natural real gem.

Mind boggling Breakthroughs:

This stage is wherein gems are made into composite creations creating hybrid diamonds that are of the simplest quality. A special quite technology using molecular bonding techniques and therefore the “FCVA-Ion Jet Beam-Diamond Seeding” fuses gems until the simplest combination is finally reached. Now the simplest man-made diamond ever created by modern technology is that the New Star Hybrid diamonds. this is often far and away the toughest and therefore the most beautiful gem ever created by man and closest in beauty to natural diamonds.

Another amazing breakthrough during this field is that the arising of colored diamonds. Now ready to “> you’ll choose different hues and reminder diamonds that even Mother Nature wasn’t able to accomplish in billions of years.